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So I signed up for Graze recently and I just got my first weekly box.  In order to join you need an invite code to join.  If you would like to use mine at http://www.graze.com it is 4ZJQZZT4B and you will get your 1st and 5th boxes free!  Boxes are normally $6 each including shipping and you get 4 snack sized packages of fruit and but type treats.  You can choose what snacks you would like and what ones you never want to get and they will curate a box just for you.  You can have them delivered either weekly or bi-weekly.

Here is the first view of my first box:


Each snack:


Cookies and Cream – not exactly diet food, but I didn’t sign up for ONLY the lower calorie selections.  They include a card with all the nutritional information on it.  This has 241 calories, so it still isn’t terrible and looks really good!

EDIT:  Ohhh this was good.  The sunflower seeds were a bit of a pain to try to eat while on the go, but the cookies and white chocolate made up for it!


Herby Bread Basket – a savory snack.  Only 92 calories.  This type of snack i have to be craving, but I do enjoy it.

EDIT:  and it was perfect when that craving hit!


Summer Berry Flapjack – this is like a granola bar.  236 calories and looks REALLY good.

EDIT: very sweet and with it being so high calorie, I had a hard time fitting this into my day.  I don’t think I’ll be getting this one anymore


Super Berry Detox – this one is right up my alley!  I LOVE berries, even dried berries.  I am not a huge raisin person, but mixed like this I will eat them.  133 calories.  What I like best is that this has 27% of the recommended daily intake of iron, something I am hugely lacking on and have to take supplements twice daily for.

EDIT:  the first half was amazing, then it got really sweet.   But it was delicious and may be really good tossedin some oatmeal or something like that too


Included nutritional values card.

I haven’t opened any of these yet because I am saving them to use as my late morning snack at work next week.  I work 4 days a week so these little boxes are perfect for me!  After you try the snacks you can go back into the website and mark down if you love it, like it, or never want it sent again, which I think is an absolutely great feature!  I can’t wait to get next weeks box!

Again, if you want to try graze for yourself you need to go to http://www.graze.com and enter an invite code.  My invite code is 4ZJQZZT4B and you can get your 1st and 5th boxes for free!