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It’s here!  My October Julep box!


After a very long hiatus from actually enjoying make-up and trying new things and colors I am jumping right in now and loving it.

While I wasn’t thrilled with Julep’s October choices I made the decision I was going to try something out of my comfort zone and chose the Bombshell box.

I decided to show you my first look because my son was just complaining that all the boxes are always for me (he JUST had a huge birthday party that cost me a fortune, but you know 6 year olds – it’s never enough ;-)  This kid got lucky because he has been asking me to buy candy corn for a week or two now!

julep2And now the goods!


The green nail polish is called Valerie and has a gold shimmer to it.  I have bought green nail polish before but have never actually used it.  I am happy to say I have already painted my nails with this and will post a photo after I clean them up and decide if I’m going to do a second coat or see how one holds up this time around.  My last two Julep polishes lasted over a week each, through quite a bit, without chipping.

Update:  here is the polish on.  Just one coat, no top coat and this is actually after a full day of work..so it does hold up well.  Please excuse the imperfections – still trying to perfect the home manicure and need to figure out a better way to clean around the edges – any suggestions are much appreciated!


The other polish is what they refer to as a black latex creme but does not actually contain latex.  The name is Claudette and it looks slightly matte on the website.  I’m hoping this is the case because I saw a picture with a more matte black where the tip has a clear coat over it and I want to try this!  I was thinking I could try this one on a weekend evening date if I am ever able to get a sitter!

The final item is this double ended eye-liner with both carbon black and brown shimmer shades.  I always use black eye liner so this will definitely get used, but the brown I am not so sure about.  I suppose this could appeal to most women and skin tones though.


Overall I’m pretty happy with this box.  The shipping this time was super fast too.  Looking forward to next month!

If you’d like to check out Julep for yourself and score a free box (just pay $3.99 shipping) go to http://www.julep.com/rewardsref/index/refer/id/323990/ and enter code FREEBOX at checkout!

I do not get paid for reviews – these are 100% my own opinions and I paid for all items received with my own money.

Lolo <3