August 2014 FabKids Children’s Clothing Subscription Box Review


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I don’t mention him too much in my now primarily beauty-focused blog, but I am a proud mama of an almost 7 year old wild crazy boy!

He just started 1st grade and even though he attends public school, there is a strict uniform rule.  It’s pretty boring, especially for boys, and in my opinion really restricts kids from being able to be themselves. So, we live it up on weekends and break out all the “distracting” clothing items we can. 

Okay okay…he couldn’t care less about having to wear a uniform and for the most part unless it has a shark or a dinosaur on it, he couldn’t care less about anything else I dress him in as well. But, that doesn’t stop me from wanting him to look good.

I decided to give FabKids a try, and figured with all the uniforms and hand-me-downs of barely worn clothes my cousin gives us, one outfit a month would be good.  It’s $29.95/month but they offer amazing deals for your first outfit.  I got ours for $4.98 because of the 50% off your first outfit deal and then a pop-up to save even more when I first signed up.  I am not sure that offer still occurs but it’d worth a try.  When I logged in to see September outfits a popup for a second outfit for $20 pops up. 

This was the first outfit we ordered:


This looks to be really well made and will hopefully hold up to his rough and tough little boy ways!  I can’t wait until he can actually wear it (still in the 90’s here but I am not complaining about maybe getting in another trip or two to the beach during “off-season”!).

I like a couple outfits that will be available mid-September but I skipped for now and may pick them up in October after I see what’s available then.  I don’t want too much at one time considering he won’t get to wear them much. 

This is a really fun way to order some pretty unique styles of clothes for kids.  There is also a skip option on the website so you are not committed to buying every month if you don’t see something you love or finances don’t allow it etc.  If you would like to use my own personal referral link to the website it is:

Thank You!

August 2014 Fabletics Workout Clothing Subscription Box Review


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So after a very busy 3 months off from blogging (semi-planned but really summer has just been plain busy and I finally threw in the towel in on trying to do it all and just enjoy my time with my boyfriend and son) I am back with a new subscription box review.

I’ve gotten overloaded on beauty products so I am cutting out a few, and trying out some new types of subscriptions as well.  I haven’t cut them all out though so those reviews will start popping back up as well as soon as September boxes (and a very late August Glossybox) start showing it!

I decided on Fabletics to start because I was hoping new workout clothes would = me actually getting back into running.  The clothes are really cute and I am happy to say I have logged 12 miles in the last week and set a goal for 50 miles minimum in September!

Fabletics gives you 50% off your first outfit making my first purchase $24.97.

Here is what I ordered:

fabletics 1fabletics1 fabletics01

The only problem I have with this particular outfit is that the sports bra offers ZERO support.  I would either have to layer it or only use it for yoga/stretching.  Other than that, I think this was a great deal.  From this point on outfits like this will be just under $50 and up.

When I went to choose a September outfit, everything I was interested in was sold out in my sizes except in black and gray it seemed.  There were also only a few options with a medium support sports bra and those were also sold out.  Needless to say I skipped this month, which is an awesome feature to have and easy to do right from their website.  If you don’t choose an outfit and forget to skip they will charge you but it will stay on your account as a credit for future use.  Hopefully October will bring in more options!

If you need some new workout clothes, or just a little motivation to get back into working out I would really recommend giving this subscription service a try.  Definitely read reviews and size charts, but they do accept returns should you need to.  This is my personal referral link should you want to use it:

Thank You!

<3 Lolo

May 2014 Blush Mystery Beauty Box Reveal and Review


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After last month, and the expired sample fiasco, along with a couple mediocre boxes for my personal taste, I was going to cancel Blush for awhile. I never got around to it. And I’m really happy I didn’t!

Blush is $24.95 a month if you subscribe (with the ability to cancel anytime) or $34.95 a month for a single box without a reoccurring subscription. They state you always get at least $100 value.

Before I get into this months box, let me update on last month. I got an expired Miracle Skin Transformer SPF 20 in a sample size. After contacting Blush, they sent me a label and asked me to return it and said when the product was available they would send out a new one. I got notice they shipped me a replacement over a week after they received the expired one. It didn’t specify size etc, but when it showed up it was full sized! A $48 dollar value! Amazing! So needless to say I’m still in love with Blush and this months box only added to the love! Check it out:


All full sizes except for one thing! And all products I will use! Blush always sends a card with an explanation of each product:


And here’s my feelings about each item:


Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Hair Mask – I am always up for trying anything that might help my hair! Deep conditioning is definitely one thing I’ve been slacking on so I am really excited to have received this product!


Caviar Seasilk Oil Gel – I love most Alterna products I have tried and really love they are free of a lot of the ingredients that I would prefer to avoid. I’ve tried this a couple times on dry hair to smooth is down. It works pretty well but it’s not made so much of a difference I would buy it again.


Phyto Phytolisse Ultra-Glossing Finishing Serum – this is probably the item I am most excited for. I would have preferred this be full sized but hey…I can’t complain about one sample sized item! I haven’t tried it yet but I am hoping it smooths and adds more shine!


DermaNew Cleansing Cream – I’m hoping this works really well because it’s huge! It’s going in my stash for now because I have a couple other cleansers I want to use up first. This one is supposed to be really good for sensitive skin. I don’t typically have sensitive skin but do spend a lot of time outdoors in the summer and occasionally get too much sun if I don’t reapply sunscreen in time so maybe this would be great for those occasions.


NYX Be Free Palette – this is huge! I jut got the Naked 2 palette and have been using it every single day buuuuut I’m hoping the reviews for this are really good as far as the longevity of the shadows. It will be fun playing around with the colors. The blush and lipstick are bonus. The only thing I don’t like is that you can’t take the lipstick with you unless you wanna pack the whole palette which again, is huge.


These were my samples this month and there was no “free gift” again for the second time in a row. I love dermalogica but I don’t think either of these are big enough for even a single use. Ah well.

Overall I absolutely love this box this month! Each full sized product is valued between $20-30 so the total value of this box was just over $100.

I am definitely not canceling! I did, however, cancel Sample Society. I wanted to cut back for summer since we tend to spend more money out and about all summer. I can’t wait to see what July holds!!

<3 Lolo

May Favorites!


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Usually my favorites are chosen from products I used up during the month, but these three choices will be showing up in my June empties as they are a handful of uses away from being gone!


Klorane Desert Date Leave-in Conditioner – I love the scent! It’s also been the best leave-in I have tried do far at taming and adding shine to my hair. I’ve already bought a second tube.

Alterna Strand Expand – due to a couple medical conditions I lost a lot of hair. Now that it’s finally been diagnosed and I’m treating it, it’s coming back, but it’s not the same and still thinner than originally. This product has been amazing for me! When my hair is dry, you can barely tell it’s thinner in some areas. My only complaint is that it makes my hair feel dryer if I don’t add in leave-in conditioner to try to counteract it. I have purchased the full size and traded for another sample size for my upcoming summer vacation.

Dermalogica Skin Perfect SPF 30 Primer – the only primer I have used so far to actually make the pores on my nose look as if they were ever there. I’m not sure why it doesn’t work as well on my cheeks. I have not repurchased yet as I have a couple full size primers to try first. But this is in my “loves” folder so I know exactly what I want when I am ready to purchase again.

<3 Lolo

May Empties!


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I’m typing this post up in two parts.  The first picture are things I used up by May 15th and the second is of things I used up the last half of the month.  I can’t stand trash laying around so this may work better for me and my OCD!  And this month was heavy on the empties and foil samples!


Nourish Organic Argan Face serum – I received this in a PopSugar Must Have box.  I loved the smell, but found it too oily for day use so I just it at night before bed.  I wouldn’t buy this, but if I received it again I would probably use it as a night serum again.

LUSH Prince Charming Shower Gel – whoa this was strong…and unfortunately not in a good way for me.  It says it’s pomegranate, marshmallow and vanilla pod all infused but I didn’t get any marshmallow or vanilla from this.  A little goes a long way though so I’ll definitely try other scents!

Dermalogica Daily Microexfoliant – I LOVE this stuff.  It’s a bit hard to use in the shower because it’s a powder so you can’t get the container wet, but it’s super fine and leaves your skin feeling amazingly soft and refreshed!  I have like 3-4 more deluxe samples of this!  I don’t use it daily, so they will last me quite a long time!

Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel – this was part of a GWP…I didn’t like the scent at all.  It works okay, but I wouldn’t buy it or use it again.

Caldrea Coconut Fig Leaf Body Wash – lathers great, my skin feels soft, BUT I can barely smell it!  I had such high hopes!

Betty Johnson Too Too Pretty Perfume Sample – I used this for work, but not around the boyfriend, who can be sensitive if things aren’t more natural.  It’s ok, but nothing special.

Redken Diamond Hair Oil – first, let me say I hated the way this was packaged.  It comes spilling out too fast and the vial is so little it falls over easily when you set it down.  It seemed to work pretty well though.  I usually just warm a tiny amount of coconut oil in my hands and rub that through my hair after I blow dry everyday – it’s less expensive and works great so long as it’s a tiny amount.

Balanced Guru Balm Me Up – I like it’s organic and all natural.  I didn’t get a sweet cocoa and tangy vibe from it though.  It smells like lemon to me.  Lemon always reminds me of Pledge.  It’s oily too.  So I felt greasy and only used this before bed.  I had to wash my hands after each use to get the oil off them so I could touch things without leaving fingerprints of oil behind!

LUSH Dream Time Bath Melt – that is what was in the empty LUSH wrapper!  It was ok.  Not my favorite LUSH product.  In fact, I didn’t even think to see if I fet softer afterwards so I guess it didn’t do much for me.

Anatomicals Puffy The Eye bag Slayer – I love these!  The skin around my eyes always feels tighter and looks smoother after I use these.  I have listed these in my empties posts before, and I will again as I just received another package :)


Caldrea Coconut Fig Leaf Body Wash – was hoping maybe the first one was a lemon and this would would have m ore scent, but no.

Miracle Skin Transformer Hydroactive Microderm – this is a decent exfoliant.  I wouldn’t seek it out, but I’d use it if I got more.

NeoStrata Firming Collagen Booster – I didn’t see any difference.  I LOVE this brands face wash so I had high hopes, but I know not every product is going to work for every face.

Victoria’s Secret Night Perfume – nothing special, couldn’t wait until it was gone to try something more my style.

The Body Shop Satsuma Body polish – LOVE the smell!  It’s a mild exfoliant and I usually like a heavier one but this one is supposed to be for daily use.

La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil – I definitely feel my skin looked amazing while I was using this, but I was also way more oily mid-day.  I’m currently trying out some other La Prairie creams to hopefully get a feel for what works best for me.



Japonesque Pro Makeup Artist Wipes – not a fan.  It didn’t seem to work any better than my drug store wipes, contains parabans, and I didn’t care for the scent.  The products as foils work for me…I can tell in one use if it’s effective!

Caldrea Coconut Fig Leaf Lotion – again, barely a scent to me.  Worked ok, but nothing special :(

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream – too tiny of a sample to really get a feel for how it works..I only had enough to use on my feet!

Michael Todd Organics Wild Rose Petal Creamy Body Wash – this works well, but not a fan of floral scents

Michael Todd Organics Citrus Cream Moisturizer – didn’t care for the scent, my skin felt so-so with it, not great.

Michael Todd Organics Cleanse and Tone – just ok, nothing special for me.

Michael Todd Organics Hydration Booster – HATED this.  The smell was awful.  I used it only at night and could smell my face for hours!

Whish Hair Inhibiting Swipe – only had one use, no indication it did anything but it smelled nice!

Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster – I got one use out of this tiny sample…I suppose it works ok, other reviews I’ve read indicate it’s a pretty good product!

Stri-vectin-SD – I am glad to have gotten a decent sized foil of this.  I have a full sized tube I’d rather not open if this doesn’t work.  I put this in an empty, clean jar and use it around my eyes and other areas I see fine lines starting.  It feels really nnice on my skin – much better than my current eye cream!

Bliss Micro Magic – LOVE this!  I don’t love the ingredients, but the super fine grit left my skin feeling so amazingly soft!  I’ll be seeking this out and hoping they can pull some of the bad stuff out of this asap!

Ahava Dead Sea Osmoter Concentrate – this is basically a moisture booster (seems to the be the new big thing to use a booster under your regular moisturizer?!).  I used this sample up because I thought it would be just another try and toss thing.  BUT, no….this stuff makes my skin look and feel soooo good!  I’ve bought and traded for a couple deluxe sample sizes already!



The three Salus soaps I have been hoarding for a couple years….this is my lesson learned to use stuff up quicker…the scent is gone and they soaps are drying up.

Smart Lash – I saw absolutely zero results from this but kept going with it…for nothing.  Time to give it up and toss it out!

The two lip glosses are just old…I don’t care for the sparkles in the Mary Kay and the Ulta one looks like I’m just wearing clear gloss and I have plenty of fresh gloss to get the job done!

Can’t wait to see what everyone else used up this month!

<3 Lolo



May 2014 Glossybox Bergdorf Goodman Collaboration Reveal and Review


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I was so excited for this Glossybox collaboration with Bergdorf Goodman that I ordered myself a gift box as well as my regular box!  The biggest selling point of this box was that each one would come with a $25 gift card to Bergdorf Goodman (which thankfully was accepted online as well, as they only have one store in NYC), and 6 high-end samples.


Glossybox is always hit and miss with me, but lately it’s been pretty amazing.  For $21/month (less with longer subscriptions or online codes etc) you usually get 5 beauty samples, some full sized.  I’ve been a subscriber for 5 months now…I think there have been 2 boxes I wasn’t thrilled with but was able to trade/sell a few things to make up my losses.

For my two boxes this month, I spent somewhere around $34 for the two boxes and received $50 in giftcards to Bergdorf Goodman and 12 high-end samples with a combines value around $300.  Seriously…amazing!

The only thing I wasn’t happy with was that box my boxes were identical…and it seemed to be that I got the most common variation.   Here it is!


Iluminage Skin Prep Gentle Cleanser ($2.50/each) – I kinda feel this would be something that would show up in a regular Glossybox…and it wasn’t on the Bergdorf Goodman website when I checked it today for values.  I haven’t used it yet but it sounds nice.  It kinda brings down the high-end feel of it that it’s part of the Pond’s Institute, which to me in a drugstore brand that isn’t all that popular anymore.  We will see..this could blow me away :)

Alterna Caviar CC Cream ($8.50/each) – I have tried this before and didn’t feel it did much for my hair, but then nothing really does sooooo I want to try it once more, but may end up putting these on the swap list or ebay.  A LOT of other people really like this product!

Napolean Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Skin Primer ($13.51/each) – I swatched a small amount of this on the back of my hand and it feels more like a cream than your typical primer.  It’s heavily scented but it didn’t bother me.  I honestly love the primer I have now and think this is going to be too much cream at once on my face this summer.  Other cons for me are that there is no SPF and there are parabens in the ingredients.  Reviews online of this product were fair.

Atelier Cologne Rose Anonyme Cologne Absolue ($20/each based upon 1oz value of $80) – I don’t usually care for floral scents but this one may grow on me..I’m giving it a chance!

Lancer Eye Contour Lifting Cream ($31.67/each) – I have never heard of Lancer before now so I am excited to try this eye creme to see if it’s worth the price tag.  I wasn’t too impressed with La Prairie’s (will be posting a review soon!) so I am still looking for a really great eye cream, but hoping to find one thats a litttttttle lower in price ;-)

Revive Intensite Volumizing Eye Serum ($70/each) – another eye cream and definitely not less in price!  I can’t wait to try this to see what “volumizing” eye serum actually does! The description sounds miraculous…

I’m not sure yet what I really think of the samples yet but regardless this is am ammmmmazing box!  And I bought myself a high-end product from Bergdorf Goodman with my giftcards and about $10 of my own…review coming!

Next months Glossybox is going to be in an America Flag like box…I am so looking forward to it!

<3 Lolo


Review: OCC Vegan Nail Polish in Pool Boy


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When I first saw OCC’s Pool Boy Nail Polish showing up in the May Popsugar Must Have’s box reviews, I know I had to have it.  I’ve been looking for this exact color and I thought I had it in Julep’s Kai but that turned out to be a textured finish they call Sea Salt.

I was able to buy this off of Ebay for $9.00 shipped.  I probably could have gotten it a few dollars less if I wasn’t too impatient to wait on the auctions to end.

First impression – it’s gloppy.  I feel like it’s more that the brush doesn’t spread, but the formula is thicker too.  I made a mess applying it and had a lot of cleaning up to do around the edges.  It took 2 coats to get complete coverage.  The color is exactly what i was hoping.  The perfect bright light blue!  The name Pool Boy is very accurate!  It has a very shiny smooth finish after it dries.  It probably would have taken forever to dry if it wasn’t for my Sephora Formula X Drying Spray, which I had to apply several times.  Unfortunately, I still woke up with some markings in the polish.

Longevity – I am hard on my hands.  I work in the medical profession and wash them a lot.  I am also a single mom, homeowner, have a garden, cook…etc etc etc…after the first day I had one tiny chip on the tip of my thumb nail.  I’m not expecting this to hold up any better than any of my Julep’s etc.


This photo was taken after 24 hours.

Overall – love the color, hate the application and the longevity seems to be average.

<3 Lolo

Ulta Haul Ordered and LOTS of GWP’s + a Free 14 piece Sampler and Bag Available NOW!


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Yet another haul at Ulta!  It’s those damn GWP that I can’t resist!

Aside from my subscription boxes this will likely be my last big purchase until at least Sept 1…I think I can spare 3 months from buying anything additional with the stock I have going right now!  I’m also on a no-buy for summer clothes.  I’d rather spend my extra cash going places and doing things with the bf and my little man!

Here is what I got:

    • Merchandise Total:$ 59.50
    • Coupons: 3.50
    • Subtotal:$56.00
    • Shipping:$ 0.00
    • Tax:$ 0.00
    • Total: $56.00

So…I bought the mini Lorac bronzer to get the sample of the Lorac self-tanner and luminizer.

Then, I bought two OPI polishes to get the 25pk of remover pads AND the lacquer remover free.

Next, I spent over $30 on Alterna hair products (I LOVE the Strand Expand!) to get the Transformer 2 in 1 and the Caviar oil free.

Add in the 14 piece gift set that was free with my $50 purchase and the usual Ulta 3 piece sampler pack!

Finally I used RetailMeNot to find a code for $3.50 off.  $56 total with free shipping PLUS I’ll be getting 15% cash back because I shopped through!  Seriously, if you online ship often and don’t already use Ebates you really must check it out!  This is my referral link should you wish to use it:

Thank You!!

<3 Lolo Haul – lots of FREE stuff!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I am a sucker for GWP’s.

I saw some pictures on Instagram people I follow had posted about all this free stuff they got with a $25 purchase at  So of course I HAD to find $25 worth of stuff to buy!

Here’s what I bought:


H20+ Body Gloss and Makeup Remover, a Tan Towel to try out on my legs, and a deep conditioner to try.

Here is what I got for Free!  I also got a pink travel bag with a mirror inside that the majority of the free stuff came in.


The Tan Towel spray was free because I bought a Tan Towel (although the site said free w/ a $15 purchase, I got this with a $2.50 purchase as well?) 3 of the items were also free samples you get too choose when you check out with any purchase off the site – similar to other beauty product sites. The rest was the GWP for spending the $25.  I will use practically every single thing!  That’s the best!  There is a full size Butter London liner, full sized OPI polish, full sized Glo-Minerals Lipstick, a high value Dermalogica Microdermabrasion that I LOVE, St. Tropez face tanner, Hempz lotion that smells amazing, Pureology for hair I have also tried and love and so much more!

My grand total was less than $33.00.  It appears to still be available on their website so hurry over!! Make sure to use the $3.50 code on the home page of the website as well!

<3 Lolo

May 2014 Ipsy Reveal and Review


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Ipsy time!  Seriously, if you aren’t subscribed to Ipsy, check it out!  It’s $10/month for 4-5 products (deluxe and full size usually) and a makeup bag!  Lately seems they are really stepping it up with the brands and types of products they are offering!  You can check out the site and sign up here: – yep!  That’s my referral link should you choose to use it.  Ipsy’s reward points system isn’t my favorite because it seems to take forever to get to 1000, but when you do you can choose a free gift of a few products available.  I just think the value of the bag is worth the $10 alone so the points system is just bonus, should I ever get there.

There were so many variations this month, but this is what I got:


Pacifica Eyeshadow in Duo 1 ($3.50 full size) – I am addicted to my Naked 2 palette at the moment so this is going up for sale/swap.  I have read other reviews that state t his is not a very pigmented eyeshadow.  I love Pacifica so hopefully they improve on this product if that is the case!


Hand Ten SPF 50 Sunscreen ($2.00 DS) – A lot of people complain about sunscreen, but not I.  I have a 6 year old who practically lives outside all summer, so the more the better.  I don’t use sunscreen on my face unless I’m spending the day at the beach, only because my primers and some foundations already have it in them.


Hey Honey Peel Off Mask ($7.00 DS) – This intrigues me, but I am so backed up on masks it will probably be no good but the time I get to it.  This was easily traded as it was one of the more sought after products this month and I look forward to seeing the reviews for a possible future purchase!


Derma e Microdermabrasion ($15.00 DS) – this is another very sought after product this month, that I also traded.  The reviews are amazing, but I have so many scrubs etc that I just love and wanted some other stuff I’ll mention at the end.  It smelled liked lemons though!


Pur-Lisse Pur-Moist Hydra-Balance Moisturizer ($15 DS) – seems every time I get rid of a Pur-lisse moisturizer, I get another one!  I haven’t tried it to be honest.  I am not sure I will.  Again, I just have so many and can be very picky with this type of product!

I traded the Hey Honey Peel Off Mask and the Derma e Microdermabrasion for more Hang Ten and a Too Faced Bronzer that was also a bag item for some people this month.  I love Too Faced and was really hoping I’d get this.  I can always use more sunscreen as well, so this trade was a win for me!


The bag this month was canvas instead of plastic-ish material.  It is really cute!  I hope Ipsy sends more like this in the future!  Overall I am really happy with this bag. I got about $42.50 in products plus the bag for only $10!  No, I didnt keep it all, but they were all still really great brands and products and I was able to trade for a couple items I did want more.  I’m thinking to cut back on subscription boxes and/or change up the ones I am getting,  but I’m keeping Ipsy for sure!

Again, if you want to check it out – my referral link is should you want to use that.  You may get put on a waiting list, but hang in there!  It’s worth it!

<3 Lolo


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