Personal Post: Pregnant with PCOS


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When my doctor’s told me I was pregnant they said jokingly (I think?) that I shouldn’t say too loudly that I got pregnant with PCOS while taking birth control or I might get run over in the parking lot.

It’s true that a large majority of women with PCOS will have difficulty ever getting pregnant and here I am, almost 36, diagnosed 2 years ago with PCOS as all the symptoms started showing their ugly heads, and “spontaneously” pregnant, as they so kindly word it.

So just how did this happen?

I am not one to take being “sick” lightly.  My boyfriend and I were on what ended up being a 9 month break from our relationship (due to distance) when I was diagnosed.  I did so much research myself online and ended up leaving the OB/GYN I was seeing and found the most amazing PA at a specialty office that deals with infertility and endocrine disorders.  She spent over an hour with me explaining everything, we did a ton of blood work and tests and she follows up regularly.  I wasn’t overweight (by her standards) and am not diabetic or anything else, but read a lot that diet and exercise was the best treatment, so I took up running and counted calories.  I lost around 15+ pounds and was feeling better.  My boyfriend and I got back together a few months later.

I have one child from a previous relationship, but he doesn’t have kids.  Telling him that there was a good possibility I wouldn’t be able to give him a child was so hard, I’m tearing up just thinking about that day.  He was so understanding and told me that he loved me and that he would never leave me because of that and he didn’t even know if HE could have kids.  He did a lot of research himself and talked me into cutting gluten out of my diet as well, but unfortunately I got off my running routine for a good 8 months or so.

Fast forward to August.  I started running again.  I also cut down on carbs because I felt the gluten-substitutes were causing my weight to go up even faster.  I lost 9 lbs.  I was feel really good and gaining some confidence back.

September 24…I had an appointment for a routine yearly exam and they do an ultrasound as part of that.  The ultrasound tech noticed two large cysts on my left ovary.  She asked the assistant the date of my last period.  August 31.  She mentioned some thickening of the cervix.  My heart started racing, but I calmed myself down by telling myself there was no way I was pregnant because I take the pill, have PCOS and only see my boyfriend usually one night a week.

When she left the room the assistant said it just looked as if I broke through the pill and was going to get my period a bit early.  The PA I see came in and explained they would do blood work that day just to rule out pregnancy.

I spent the afternoon with my boyfriend and told him if I call him later to answer because I’m pregnant.  Neither one of us were really expecting me to make that call.  But not 20 minutes after I left his house, they called.

It was a very difficult first week.  They told me my progesterone was low and it was either because I was so early in pregnancy it hadn’t gone up yet, or that I was losing the baby.  I wasn’t planning this, but the thought I was possibly losing the one chance I may have at another child was so hard to think about.  I did blood work 5 times that week and it came back showing the progesterone rising, however, I do still have to use progesterone suppositories.  My thyroid hormone was also not doing what it’s supposed to and I’m not on synthroid as well.  Last week we had a scan that showed a small tear drop of a gestational sac.  Today our scan showed a flutter of a heartbeat.  We are almost 6 weeks.  Only our parents and a few close friends know.

My emotions have been all over.  At first I was upset, I didn’t want anyone thinking I was careless or didn’t take my pill to try to “trap” my boyfriend.  I was upset because if I ever had another child I wanted it to be planned and something we mutually decided and would be excited for.  Instead it suddenly felt as if we were strangers.  I cried so much the first week.  We live an hour apart and I felt alone, like I was doing this by myself again.  He JUST lost his job 5 days earlier.  We were planning on moving across the country and now we can’t.  And I felt immense guilt that I could get pregnant when so many women (including a good friend of mine) can’t.

But, my boyfriend is wonderful.  We talked about things a little at a time.  And now 2 weeks after our world was turned upside-down, we are talking about names.  He jokes that if I wasn’t pregnant he would get me pregnant, he tells me he will always think I’m beautiful, even when I think I’m huge because I’m carrying his baby.  He is so supportive and loving.   He will be moving in with us soon and we are still planning to move, just not in the next 8 months.  For me, this is a 180 from when I had my son and was alone the entire time, and I honestly couldn’t do this without him.

He gives me all the credit.  He says it’s because I changed my diet and worked so hard and losing some weight.  However, I truly believe a vital part in all this is the fact that he is also very healthy and strong.  I hope that the women struggling with PCOS and fertility are all lucky enough to have a partner who is supportive and also working just as hard to be healthy as we have to.

My boyfriend mentioned our situation to a friend of his.  She opened up about having PCOS herself and that she also got pregnant on the pill as did a good friend of hers.

I’m writing this post to share my story and to hopefully give hope to those struggling.   I really don’t feel this would have been possibly had I not found the most amazing women to handle my care.  I wish everyone could see her and talk to her.  My boyfriend is amazing, and incredibly supportive as well.

I know we are a long way from seeing a healthy baby, but we are optimistic.  I truly wish the best for anyone out there who reads this and I hope that in some way my story offers you help and support.

October 2014 Birchbox Reveal and Review


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Now that I’ve cut back to only Birchbox (plus one more Glossybox later this month) it’s going to feel like foreverrrrr between my much anticipated surprise boxes!  Also, I just realized my expectations for Birchbox are much higher now as well.  I’m a little let down this month…

Let me explain….I chose NOT to do the pick-your-sample this month expecting NOT to receive one of the offered samples because I wasn’t even the slightest bit interested in any of them.  Unfortunately for me, Birchbox decided I should have one anyway…

Here is what came!


Lord and Berry Glitter Eye Pencil Mini – so of all the picks we had this month, this one was in last place for me.  I typically wear dark brown liner now, and have zero interest in putting glitter on my almost 36, mother/pregnant lady eyes.  ZERO.  Adding this to the trade list and really hoping I like next months choices because now I’m scared to not choose one!

Benefit The Porefessional – I’ve gotten this before but possibly from Ipsy.  It doesn’t work for me, but others seem to love it.

ellovi Butter – it says to use this on your face, body and hair?  I have a lip balm from them and while it has really great ingredients it wears off so quickly.  This is really tiny, maybe enough to do my legs but the vanilla scent is nice.

Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo – the dreaded dry shampoo.  I have dark hair and every dry shampoo I have tried looks like I dusted my head with powder (I guess because I kinda did?).  I’ve traded/sold most but this packaging is cute and I have found myself wishing occasionally that I had some on hand so I’ll probably keep this.

Dr. Brandt Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner – this is the only product I am excited to try.  I hate having pores and am always looking for something to clean them out and shrink them down, but usually without much luck – we shall see!

I paid $10 for this box and will receive the equivalent of $5 back once I review my items, so Birchbox is never a bad deal for me….especially since I am saving up my points to be able to get full sized items of products I know I love!

September Empties!


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So this is a bit later than I usually would post an empties post, but I have had a lot going on that has taken priority over just about everything in my life…I’m pregnant!  A complete surprise due to the fact I am told constantly I will need fertility treatments to get pregnant and was on the pill.  6 doctors appointments in the last 2 weeks + 5 blood draws + shock = not a lot of time to write blog posts.

Unfortunately this has meant cancelling my boxes (for the moment) with the exception of Birchbox and one remaining Glossybox in October.  Even though I don’t usually love much in the BB boxes, I do love the points system.  On the bright side, I’ll be using up lots of products I have stockpiled for empties and favorites posts!

I went through a bunch this month so let me get to it!empty

Burt’s Bees Deep Cleansing Cream – this is my go-to for a 100% natural cleanser.  It removes makeup really well.  I’ve been using this on and off for at least 4-5 years!

Caldrea Rosewater Driftwood hand Soap – this has a light scent I really liked in my own bathroom.  So happy to have a second bottle stashed!

OPI Expert Touch Lacquer Remover – nothing about this made me feel I needed this particular nail polish remover over any others I have used, but it was a nice GWP and something I could always use.

Vasanti BrightUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator – it’s upsetting to me when something has such great reviews and then I feel as if my results were no where near what other people were saying.  I almost felt as if my face was rougher after using this.  Guess it’s just not for me.

Peter Thomas Roth Oilless Oil – interesting…different…was fun to try out.  I used this at night before bed to keep my skin hydrated all night.  It’s not a must have for me but I did try it in my hair towards the end of the bottle and it seemed to help tons.  If I were to come across more I’d probably use it that way.

Murad Essential C Cleanser – I like my cleansers to make my skin feel really smooth and this  just felt like nothing different had happened.  It also did not remove eye makeup for me at all.

La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream – sounds fancy!  Because it is!  And expensive!  The oil version made a huge difference in my skins appearance but left it oilier than usual.  This didn’t leave as much oil but I didn’t think my skin looked quite as well, but don’t get me wrong….if this shows up in my mailbox again I’ll happily use it!


Lumene Cleansing Wipes – hated these.  I had to rub and rub and my makeup would not budge.

Ahava Dead Sea Osmotor – what the heck is this?  Hydration booster.  I love the way my skin feels with this!  Do I need it?  Probably not, but it was nice to have a couple and get a good feel for what it does.

Dermadoctor Phote Dynamic Therapy Liquid Red Light Eye Life Lotion – long name, awesome results.  What I am using now doesn’t even compare and it’s way more expensive that this!  I need to get more of this ASAP!!

Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Omega Nourishing Oil – this is for your hair.  I’ve mentioned like 100 times now I have the world’s fussiest hair.  I’m not a good judge of hair products because few ever work, including this one.

Chantecaille Lip Gloss in Framboise – this is a very natural shade I think woudl work well on most complexions!  I rarely use up lip glosses so I LOVE having these small ones!

Phytolisse Hair Serum – another hair product that doesn’t do a thing for me.  I tried a couple times and got no results.

Elizabeth Mott Pop! Goes The Shadow in Champagne – not a bad color but I’m just super addicted to my Naked 2 palette and wasn’t reaching for this.  Time to let it go…


None of the foils in the picture really impressed me except for the Enspri Sheer Ceramide Moisture Locking Protective Serum.  This stuff feels amazing on my skin.  It was so smooth and hydrated!  I would def buy this when I need more product of this type!

Anastasia Hydrafull Lip Gloss in Sorbet – love love love this stuff!  The color was perfect and my lips looked better somehow with this one.  I managed to swap for a second and the full size is on my wish list!

Perfume Minis!  I’ve been trying to use these us.  Most are wearable but I don’t love them.  I did like Harvey Pronce Skinny Chic but feel silly buying a perfume by that name.  I absolutely hated the Couture La La by Juicy Couture in Malibu.  One spray and NO.  Hopefully someone else I know would like it!

<3 Lolo

Mani Monday with Julep’s Mary Lee

Mary Lee was part of Julep’s September 2014 collection. It’s a dark brownish red with a satin finish and perfect for fall! My pictures don’t do it justice. The formula went on easy but I still ended up with some bubbles. I only did one coat and no top coat bc I wanted to keep the satin finish. I have a feeling I’ll be touching up in a day or two but am hoping it lasts all week!


This was taken prior to cleaning up the edges :-)

<3 Lolo

September 2014 Popsugar Must Have Reveal and Review


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I was easily sucked back into Popsugar this month with the release of the scarf spoiler.  I am a sucker for scarves, but I must confess….I have yet to wear the Brokedown Ikat scarf we got last spring…I just can’t seem to make it work on me!

I am hoping this month’s is easier, but we also received some really awesome things to go along with it!  Take a look!


Tilo Modal Scarf ($125) – this is such a beautiful Fall scarf!  I am hoping it gets lot of use this year!  It is well made and long enough to wear in many different ways!  * I must say though, a lot of people were complaining about the LE Marchesa scarf being made in China and highly inflated in price.  This scarf was also made in China and is similar in quality in my opinion.


Letter C Design Gold Foil Arrow Pencils ($5.00) – these are kinda a strange item to receive but I get it…they go with the next item and they are pretty cute and come with a sharpener!


Rifle Paper Co. Garance Dore Blank Note Cards ($18) – personally, I would have preferred a little notebook, but I’ll use these in swaps most likely.


Oribe Super Fine Hairspray ($21.50) – I don’t use hairspray often anymore, but I do keep some around just in case and I have heard nothing but great things about Oribe!


Nicole Miller Stereo Ear Buds ($20) – I am finally back in the groove of running and most ear buds are to big so I am hoping I can wear these…if not my son has already claimed them!


Nike Gift Card ($20) – nothing motivates me to run more than new workout clothes!  For me, this is an awesome item to receive and I can’t wait to check out and order something!


Urban Remedy Almond Brownie ($6) – I am now living a low sugar/low grain lifestyle due to some incurable health issues I have with a giant link to diabetes and weight gain.  As tempting as it is, I won’t be eating this (I can only spare my cheats for items I already know I love!).


Ghiradelli Milk Chocolate, Sea Salt and Almond Mini’s ($5) – these, I know I’ll love.  Now I need to figure out how to not eat more than one at a time!


I LOVE this month!  It totally makes up for the lackluster Fall LE box!   Popsugar’s site is down for a week while they are working on something new!  Could be interesting, but let’s not forget that the last time they had a surprise for us all they did was redesign the box!

<3 Lolo

Birchbox September 2014 Reveal and Review

September’s Birchbox brought us some super cute box designs (I still have no idea what I’ll ever do with them all!) and they are keeping the Pick Your Sample thing going!


This month I choose the Davines Oi Conditioner.  To be honest, I choose it because it comes with a shampoo and oil sample as well that can be reviewed for even more points.  I think the only reason I stick with Birchbox is for the points.  Occasionally a sample blows me away, but its rare.  Most are ok and get used though.

Here is the breakdown!


Davines Oi Conditioner, Shampoo, and Oil ($9.60, $1.11, $1.00) – the conditioner is a very generous size sample at 2.53 ounces.  For some reason I was thinking this conditioner would match the shampoo I got a month or two back but they are different lines.    I think I can get 2-3 uses out of the shampoo pack, but the oil, maybe one.  The conditioner doesn’t have the most pleasant smell, but it’s bearable and I usually rub a little coconut oil into my ends daily anyway.


Temtu Highlighter in Champagne Shimmer ($2.75) – I have no interest in this.  I like highlighters (this appears to be more of an illuminator you would mix in with foundation though), but I have enough and prefer lighter pink tones in the winter.


Acure Day Cream ($10.85) – I have never heard of this brand.  I looked up reviews and they are really good!  I do like that it’s free of all kinds of icky stuff like parabens, silicone, petroleum, and even gluten!  This was also a very generous sized sample!


Real Chemistry Luminous 3 Minute Peel ($4.80) – there should be enough in this sample for 1-2 uses, but something like this you can usually tell after one use if it’s effective or not.  Looking forward to trying this one out soon!


Harvey Prince Ageless Liquid Loofah ($0.92) – what a let down.  First, I was supposed to get the Laura Mercier mascara according to my box reveal.  Instead I got maybe enough of this sample to try on one arm.  I don’t really care for the scent either.  I got the lotion a while ago and still haven’t used it for the same reason….there is mostly air in the tube!


So this is box is pretty ok.  The best thing about it is that there are 7 items to review making my cost for this $3 after points!

I don’t see myself canceling this sub anytime soon due to the awesome points system.  During my summer off from blogging I had spent my saved up points on a really fancy serving tray and a much needed watch!  I love they have lifestyle items as well because my beauty stash is a bit ridiculous at the moment!

<3 Lolo

Mani Monday with Julep Tegan

I bought Julep’s Tegan as an add-on a month or two ago. I thought it was a more dark red glitter but when I got it it looks way more mauve/purplish to me. Definitely a great Fall color. And since it’s suddenly Fall out here on the East coast I decided it would make a nice transition color!


This is only one coat with a coat of Julep Freedom Top Coat. Glitters tend to chip easily on me due to my job. After a half day of work I can see some small chips on the edges but they are barely visible unless you really look hard which I hope no one is!

<3 Lolo

Blush Mystery Beauty Box September 2014 Reveal and Review


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Blush is one of my favorite beauty subscriptions, as they tend to send more higher end products as well as more deluxe or full size products.  This month wasn’t my favorite and I am considering cancelling until they reveal everything that will be in next month’s box (usually this happens right around the first few days of the month) just so I don’t end up with a bunch of products I won’t use or have too much of currently.

This box wasn’t a total dud for me though, and for some this may be an awesome box!  Here is what came!


Vapour Organic Beauty Solar Translucent Bronzer (FULL size! $36 for .24oz but this packaging says .34oz.  May be an error on the website) – this was the highlighted product this month and the first spoiler before the entire contents where revealed.  I believe the theme of the box was to extend summer a little longer.  Basically unload all the summer product they aren’t selling much of right now.  I love this is organic, but currently have no use for it and 3 other bronzers still brand new for next spring.  I’m considering putting this up for trade but only for something I really need or want…I’m sure it will get used should it make it another 6 months here!


Klorane Extra gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk (1.06oz Deluxe Sample $9) – I LOVE Klorane products.  I HATE dry shampoo.  As a brunette with the fussiest hair in the world, they just don’t do me any favors.  Off to the swap pile!


Lumene Gentle Cleansing Wipes (10 ct $3) – I like cleansing clothes to remove my eye makeup, as the label on these suggests.  These are light and soft with very little scent.  It removed my face makeup well but I had to rub it over my eyes repeatedly.  Besides all the rubbing, these were not irritating.  I’ll use them up, but I wouldn’t repurchase.


SkinCeuticals Advanced Pigment Corrector (no size listed, guessing 0.1oz and $9) – as I get older I am noticing some brown spots popping up, especially in the summer.  I’m trying to be better about limited sun exposure and using higher SPF’s when I am out but it’s tough when we are outside practically everyday.  Nothing has worked to reduce them so far but this line of products is pretty highly rated so I will give this a try!


Color Wow One-Minute Transformation Styling Cream (FULL SIZE value $24) – it seems a lot of products like this, that are added to dry hair, have been showing up in subscription boxes.  I JUST applied a dime sized amount to the ends in my pony tail (all gross from working out too – ick!) to see how it works. It definitely tamed the mess!  I can’t wait to try this in the morning! 


Juice Beauty Reflecting Gloss in Organic Champagne (FULL SIZE value $15) – I was really looking forward to this until I saw the color…or lack of color.  I would have liked any of the other 3 shades.  I won’t be keeping this one either.


So for me, this box was 50/50.  I may have discovered a product that actually works for my hair, which is pretty amazing for me!  And I’ll give the dark spot corrector a fair chance.  The wipes will get used.  Unfortunately, the gloss and dry shampoos are total misses and the bronzer I am still undecided on.

I really do love Blush, and even if I unsubscribe, I definitely see myself re-subscribing when they reveal future contents.  I highly recommend this sub if you want to try out higher end products!

<3 Lolo


Allure Sample Society September 2014 Reveal and Review


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A few months ago Allure took over the Sample Society box and ever since I have been really happy with the contents of each box!  For ME, this month’s box was no exception.

Allure’s Sample Society box is $15/month and include 5 samples, often in deluxe sample sizes and this month included one full sized item.

This is what showed up today!


Sorry there are no individual pictures for this review…this single working mom thing, trying to cook homemade dinner and run 3 miles 5 times a week thing ain’t easy….corners get cut where it doesn’t hurt so much.  I am definitely switching back to my old digital camera for future reviews though!

Restorsea Revitalizing Eye Cream w/ Vibransea Complex (FULL SIZE value $85!) – the packaging is huge, but inside it is a 0.5oz jar, which is still decent for an eye cream.  Reviews on this one are looking good!  I am currently working my way through an eye cream right now that I am really liking so this one is going into the stockpile for a bit!

Tarte Brazilliance Self Tanning Facial Towels (3 towel box, $9) – I have a bunch of self tanners and have been scared to use them.  Allure sends a very helpful booklet with the box and it makes it seem these will create a subtle bronze with no smell afterwards…and will wash off!  so I may give these a try on a day I am staying in and the boyfriend isn’t come around lol.

Lorac POREfection Mattifying Face Primer (0.17oz sample, $3.20) – this is a small sample, but usually with primers I know in one use if I like it or not.  Lorac’s eye primer is my HG by far so I have high hopes for this…it’s on my bathroom counter already for tomorrow morning!

Alterna Caviar Repair Re-Texturizing Protein Cream (1.35oz Deluxe sample, $9.26) – I am rubbing this in my hair as soon as i am done typing this sentence.  I have the worst hair ever in the last few years.  I can’t figure out why except that I do have an incurable condition that affects my hormones that just reared it’s ugly head a couple years ago…so I am trying anything and everything to get some shine and smoothness back!  Alterna products have been  hit or miss for me.

Givenchy Dahlia Divin Eau De Parfum (sample vial, $1?) – I am one of the few who like getting perfume samples. I haven’t sprays this one yet because I just sprayed two others this evening to test and now I smell like those.  Sniffing the vial it does smell pretty good though!  I am just not sure I want to smell like Allure’s description of hot people getting it on!

Again…I enjoyed this box and will likely keep and use everything that came.  I LOVE the booklet Allure sends too describing everything because they review it all first!  I’ll be sticking with this sub for awhile to see how it continues!

<3 Lolo

Popsugar Must Have Fall 2014 Limited Edition Box Reveal and Review


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Ohhhh the feedback on this one isn’t going too well………


Living on the east coast means that I won’t be an early recipient of any Popsugar Must Have box shipped from their California location, as has been the case with the Limited Edition Fall Box.  I have zero will power when it comes to not looking for spoilers, so I knew what was coming before it got here, BUT had no idea how I’d feel about any of it until I got my hands on it myself.


Popsugar is marketing this one as a style box.  I  guess in my head I figured it would be full of accessories, rather than different products from different categories like the monthly boxes tend to be.  I was wrong for the most part.  Here is what came:


Marchesa Voyage Scarf ($140):  the backlash on this one has been harsh, understandably.  First, it’s not made with an expensive fabric, its viscose.   Second, it was made in China…yea.  There has also been some feedback about it fraying after one use and I’m not so sure the colors scream fall to me.  Maybe winter.

* my opinion once I got it….it is extremely light weight and I’m not sure the colors do much for me.  It feels like it would easily be damaged.  I am undecided on keeping this one.


Joie Wool and Cashmere Hat ($90):  pretty much anything Joie brand is expensive, so the price of the hat is equal to the high prices of anything else they sell.  It’s a nice neutral color, but has also garnered a lot of backlash for being too big/oddly sized.  It’s also more winter than fall.

* my opinion once I got it….yes it’s big.  I *think* I can make it work though.  It is definitely a winter hat.


Indi Lee Brightening Face Wash ($):  I haven’t heard of this brand, so I am excited to give this a try, especially if it helps keep my complexion from being dull all winter….there’s that winter word AGAIN.

* my opinion once I got it…it does have a strong fruity smell but I think I am ok with it so far, but I haven’t rubbed it all over my face yet.  It says not to use over eyes either and right now I am lacking a good eye make up remover so I’m gonna hold off on using this one for awhile.


Byway Perfume ($): described as a memorable lap dance on their web to holiday baking from some ladies to a public restroom from others, this is yet another unknown brand to me.  I’m okay with unknown brands as long as it’s not because they went out of business or had a bunch of stock they couldn’t sell.  Lap dances and public restrooms do not = Fall.  Holiday baking = winter.

* my opinion once I got it….I fall into the sweet category with my thoughts, thankfully!  I think this would be good in about any season but fall.  Something a little spicier would have been nice, or a candle or something instead.


Make Silk Lipstick in Raddichio ($25): another brand I haven’t heard of.  I looked them up and saw their products carried at high end department stores.  This the one item in the box I feel works for fall.

* my opinion once I got it….it’s not for me.  It has brown/orange undertones and while  do think this is the most fall-oriented item in the box, I won’t be keeping it.


Sharpova Gummies ($5):  gummies?  really?  My 6 year old will eat them.  Definitely not the pumpkin or apple treat I would have loved to see in this box.

* my opinion once I got them…ok I ate ONE for the review.  It was tough to chew but as tasty as any other gummy I’ve ever eaten.  My 6 year old BOY thought it was funny to eat purses.


For $100 I did expect more.  A lot of subscribers were  let down with the Resort and Summer LE boxes, but I loved both.  This time around, I’m joining the crowd.  But really, what can we expect….it’s always a surprise, we aren’t the ones curating it and as far as I know Popsugar doesn’t ask us what we want, we all just run to their Facebook page and complain.  It seems they are somewhat concerned with the lack of excitement over this, which I can only hope reflects in the Winter/Holiday LE because I already know I’ll be buying it….sucker.

<3 Lolo


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